While some marketers are proceeding with caution, considering the brand safety risks, agency creative directors who produce these companies’ multimillion-dollar ad campaigns have largely embraced chatbots as the latest, coolest tech tool.


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The rise of ‘office peacocking,’ and how it can lure back — and inspire — employees

March 20, 2023  ■  4 min read

While creating a more relaxed work setup has been a trend for some time, employers, in their pitch to get employees to return to in-person work, are going to greater lengths than ever to make their offices look and feel homey.

Here are 5 ways workers can use GPT-4 to improve productivity

March 20, 2023  ■  9 min read

Artificial intelligence developments are now happening at breakneck speed. “The best way to describe it is the difference between a college student and a high school student,” says one expert comparing GPT-4 to GPT-3. Here’s what workers need to know about it.

Was remote work to blame for Silicon Valley Bank collapse?

March 27, 2023  ■  4 min read

Questioning how much remote working is to blame for deeper-rooted organizational or cultural issues, is starting to become a go-to method when companies fail or have to make major layoffs.


5 tips for spring cleaning at work to boost productivity

March 31, 2023  ■  5 min read

Spring cleaning isn’t just meant for our homes, but our workplaces too as we head into the new season of warmer weather.

‘I got fired four times for insubordination:’ Working with bipolar disorder

March 30, 2023  ■  10 min read

World Bipolar Day is celebrated on March 30, the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, who was posthumously diagnosed as having bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder can cause moods to swing from extremely high (referred to as manic episodes) to extremely low (depression).

How one company focuses on ‘recovery’ to combat employee disengagement

March 30, 2023  ■  4 min read

Codifying your company’s culture can help boost engagement, remind workers of the company’s values, and more.

How to create a 25% productivity hike: Lessons from Shopify’s meetings purge

March 29, 2023  ■  4 min read

Following Shopify’s group-meetings ban, the company has reported each employee has regained 33% of their working time. That means the company now expects the number of completed projects to increase by more than 25% by the end of the year.

What ‘human-centric’ tech is fixing HR challenges

March 29, 2023  ■  4 min read

Having a powerful HR tech stack is now critical in helping HR professionals stay on top of their increased range of responsibilities, many of which were expedited by the pandemic.

Economic fears could put brakes on business travel rebound

March 28, 2023  ■  4 min read

It’s not all smooth sailing for business travel. Uncertainty about the economy has bosses eyeballing expenses, which could prove to be a drag on the sector’s recovery.

WTF Explainers

WTF is psychological safety and why is it important for the workplace?

March 14, 2023  ■  5 min read

Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson, who started her research on psychological safety two decades ago, says recently it has become “recognized as important.”

WTF is a hush trip? (and why HR needs to know about it)

February 17, 2023  ■  5 min read

RVshare found that 56% of working adults say that they’re very or extremely likely to partake in a hush trip this year. But what exactly is a hush trip and why is it a stress point for HR departments?

WTF is the Great Betrayal?

February 14, 2023  ■  4 min read

The Great Betrayal has been described as an employee realizing that stability and loyalty in the workplace are an illusion, and workers are better off betting on themselves and renting out their skills across multiple clients. 

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Company culture has never been more important for organizations looking to attract and retain the best talent. But for employers, culture is about more than just Bagel Fridays and communal espresso machines. The strongest cultures are built on values that run deep throughout the organization.

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How to build career resilience

November 21, 2022  ■  7 min read

Even before mass downsizing in the tech sector and fears of a recession loomed large, the workforce was already feeling the pressure. Worried workers are now being urged to build a firewall to protect their career prospects

As layoffs multiply, HR leaders are feeling the heat

November 14, 2022  ■  8 min read

Staff reductions are particularly challenging when those who are getting cut happen to be outstanding employees.

How this company is encouraging employees to create in-office FOMO to entice their colleagues back

November 07, 2022  ■  8 min read

Employers’ attempts to lure people back to the office are getting more desperate. Food delivery company Bolt has resorted to whipping up FOMO among its remote workers to make them feel jealous about office life. But psychologists frown on the tactic.