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Company culture has never been more important for organizations looking to attract and retain the best talent. But for employers, culture is about more than just Bagel Fridays and communal espresso machines. The strongest cultures are built on values that run deep throughout the organization.

The WorkLife Awards recognize the top employers and the values that make them unique. Over the years, we’ve honored top employers, including Pinterest, Dagne Dover, Banfield Pet Hospital, Audible and many more.

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Key Dates

  • Early Deadline: Aug 16, 2024
    $499 per entry
  • Regular Deadline: Sep 27, 2024
    $599 per entry
  • Last Chance Deadline: Nov 08, 2024
    $729 per entry
All deadlines end at 11:59PM PST.

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  • Most Committed to Sustainability

    Awarding the employer who has demonstrated the strongest commitment to environmental sustainability through innovative practices, green initiatives, and eco-friendly work environments.

  • Most Transparent Culture

    Awarding the employer who has demonstrated the highest level of transparency in their operations, communications, and policies.

  • Best Use of Gamification in the Workplace

    Awarding the employer that has most successfully integrated gamification into human resources processes through fun and interactive experiences.

  • Best Experiential Program for Employees

    Awarding the employer who has designed and executed the most impactful and innovative experiential programs, such as retreats, workshops, or team-building activities.

  • Best Workspace

    Awarding the organization that exemplifies excellence in creating a workspace that optimizes collaboration and fosters effective teamwork.

  • Best Hybrid Work Environment

    Awarding the employer who has best maintained their company culture in a hybrid work environment.

  • Best Rewards & Recognition Program

    Awarding the program that encourages a culture of recognition in an organization in the form of public/private praise and rewards/incentives.

  • Best Mentorship Program

    Awarding the best program, either organized by an employer or independent entity, that fosters strong interpersonal connections between mentors and mentees in an innovative way.

  • Best Employer for Parents

    Awarding the employer who has proven to be the most accommodating and flexible for working parents.

  • Best Employer for Remote Employees

    Awarding the employer with a partial or full remote workforce who best keeps employees connected, engaged, and supported.

  • Best Onboarding Process

    Awarding the employer with the most effective onboarding process in order to successfully and seamlessly integrate new hires into the company.

  • Best Workplace for Young Professionals

    Awarding the employer who has shown the strongest commitment to entry-level employees in terms of professional growth and career advancement.

  • Most Collaborative Culture

    Awarding the employer whose culture best facilitates cooperation and joint efforts among teams to achieve a common goal.

  • Most Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Awarding the employer who has shown the strongest commitment and dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

  • Most Committed to Employee Appreciation

    Awarding the employer who has shown the strongest commitment and dedication to employee appreciation.

  • Most Committed to Social Good

    Awarding the employer who has shown the greatest level of support to social causes through staff empowerment, extracurricular programs, and community partnerships.

  • Most Committed to Work/Life Balance

    Awarding the employer who best demonstrates a respect for a healthy work-life balance.

  • Most Dedicated to Employee Growth

    Awarding the employer who has shown the strongest commitment to the professional growth of individuals through training, education and enrichment.

  • Best Wellness Program

    Awarding the employer who has shown the strongest commitment to the mental and/or physical well-being of their employees.

  • Most Innovative Culture

    Awarding the employers whose culture best fosters unique, original and successful thinking demonstrated by tangible results.

  • Most Passionate Employees

    Awarding the employer whose employees clearly demonstrate a unified passion for the company's mission and values.

  • Employer of the Year

    Awarding the employer that has excelled at creating a strong company culture and work environment.

  • People/HR Leader of the Year

    Awarding the HR executive who has excelled at leading a team towards creating a strong company culture and work environment.

  • HR Team of the Year

    Awarding the HR team who has worked together to create a strong company culture and work environment.

  • Best Use of AI in the Workplace

    Awarding the employer that demonstrates exceptional and innovative implementation of artificial intelligence technologies.

  • Best Workplace Tech Provider

    Awarding the technology provider that offers exceptional solutions and services to enhance the overall work environment and employee experience.


  • Nicole Simpson
  • Sara Anhorn
  • Maria Martinez
  • Heidi Grothaus
  • Sarbjit Sahota
  • Laurie Fry
  • Kandi Gongora
  • Gemma Atkinson

Past Winners

  • Vox Media
  • Direct Agents
  • Goodway Group
  • Sephora
  • Iterable
  • Buzzer
  • La Force
  • Tapad
  • Audible
  • Next PR
  • Canopy Management
  • Delta Dental
  • Compas
  • CMI Media Group
  • Havas Media Group

Judging Criteria

Judges will be looking for companies or campaigns that can clearly demonstrate success over the past 12 months. Judges are seeking companies or campaigns that have seized challenges and created opportunities and will evaluate entries based on the following criteria: Innovation, Creativity, Consumer Value, Results and Overall.

Judges will require evidence to substantiate all entries. This can include details of financial performance, specific KPIs, creative evidence in the form of a sizzle reel, campaign images, or links to the final project or related sites. The judges will also consider the structure, presentation and clarity of each entry.

Judging Process

Judges will score each entry prompt and consider any supporting materials submitted. After each judge submits their score for the above criteria, the scores of each criteria will then be averaged and then combined to determine overall score for each entry. The highest scoring entries will appear on the shortlist and winner lists.


All material will remain confidential to the judges. Only the ‘Credits’ section of an entry will be made public via the shortlist/winners announcement. If you win a particular category, our team may summarize the entry for shortlist/winner announcements and winners guides.


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