Some canceled their memberships, others withdrew speaker proposals from SHRM’s Inclusion Conference, and few agreed with the decision. 


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By the numbers: the state of corporate DEI programs

July 15, 2024

Major employers have cut entire DEI teams while others are considering scaling back after a reversal on race-based admissions processes in colleges last year.

How rudeness and envy at work harm productivity, engagement

July 15, 2024

Research from the Academy of Management found that rudeness, regardless of source, hurts performance on routine and creative tasks.

Showing up to work late is more accepted in new hybrid arrangements

July 10, 2024

Giving more leeway to staff regarding their arrival times is an example of continued demand for flexibility from workers.

Business leaders are managing a range of creatives that sit at the center of numerous functional departments, meaning that the toolkit they use to communicate and collaborate is complex, often including an average of 33 different tools.