Announcements   //   December 13, 2022

What are your work-life New Year resolutions?

How we work has changed so much in the last year. Everything from how we define the way we work best, to where we prefer to work, and for who, has evolved irrevocably.

As we prepare to head into a new year, it seems like the perfect time to reflect on what we’ve learned we want to keep and what we want to get rid of. That’s why WorkLife would like to hear what work-related resolutions are you making for the new year. What goals are you setting? It could be that you want to find a better work-life balance, create better boundaries with a toxic boss, or build your dream at-home office. Whatever your resolution, we’d love to hear it.

Please send your resolutions to WorkLife reporter Cloey Callahan and we will include the best in an upcoming feature.