WorkLife HR Strategies: The Hybrid Workforce

Oct 1, 2024 | New York, NY

Performance management has gotten more complex than ever as organizations deal with workforces in flux amid an uncertain economic environment. With the rise of hybrid and more dispersed workforces, former go-to methods to measure productivity – namely visibility – have become outdated. Nailing to measure productivity effectively across workforces equitably will differentiate the most progressive businesses and give them an edge. That’s why it’s at the top of HR professionals’ minds.


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Continuously changing workforce dynamics, the rise of generative AI, and the pressure to attract and retain top talent to deliver results are reasons HR is undergoing deep transformation. Meanwhile, tying employee engagement to business results has never been more critical. Hear from a top HR thought leader on how we need to define productivity today and how it’s evolved since workplace models expanded to remote and hybrid.

10:00 a.m.
Creating a Results-Oriented Culture

It’s no longer about hours clocked and where people are but focusing on how to ensure the best business results without compromising morale or employee engagement. But the devil is in the details, particularly when workforces are more dispersed. 

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Addressing Hybrid Connection and Collaboration Gaps

Hybrid teams may experience communication disparities between remote and in-office employees. Building trust and fostering a sense of collaboration and camaraderie can also be more challenging in this environment. We explore the best ways to address these challenges. 

10:50 a.m.
Rooting Out Bias and Subjectivity

Ensuring consistency and fairness in performance evaluations across teams and departments is another challenge, particularly as more companies penalize remote workers by dropping them from the promotion ladder. How can HR develop processes for calibrating performance ratings to minimize bias, promote equity within the organization, and avoid staff attrition?


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Impact of Technology

While technology has enabled new ways of measuring performance, such as through data analytics and digital tools, it has also introduced new complexities and challenges, such as concerns about data privacy and security – and the longstanding problem of app sprawl across HR tech stacks. What’s the right balance? 

11:45 a.m.
Generative AI’s role in Measuring Performance

What is Generative AI’s role in measuring performance effectively, and can it help solve some of the common challenges that HR execs have?

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1:05 p.m.
Feedback & Development

Providing timely and constructive feedback to employees is crucial for their development and growth. However, many organizations struggle to implement effective feedback mechanisms encouraging open communication and facilitating continuous improvement. This session discusses how to get this right in hybrid and remote setups and what tech can help.

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No More Blanket Approaches

The art of creating policies that cater to the individual needs of employees and can be scaled could be core to ensuring tight retention strategies and fostering a strong DEI culture. But is that even possible in companies with 100+ employees? 

2:00 p.m.
New Benefits Amid Hybrid Work

HR teams looking to retain employees constantly seek the benefits that make the most sense for the company. How has this evolved with the rise of hybrid setups?

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This is your opportunity to speak and network with other HR delegates attending on common challenges.

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